All datasets available from ESS EduNet are listed in this section. Except from one dataset with country level data, all datasets are extracts from the ESS.

The datasets could be explored and analysed online, or downloaded in many different formats. Online you can read the documentation and perform simple statistical analyses. In order to perform more demanding data preparation and analyses, you must download the data.

Please note that ESS EduNet only contains small extracts from the complete ESS dataset. To get full, and free, access to the complete dataset with accompanying documentation, you must go to this site: European Social Survey.

The extracts are prepared for the different topics. For some of the datasets there are two versions: one for exercises to be solved online, and one for exercises to be solved locally using a downloaded dataset.

ESS data - data from several rounds

ESS data - round 6

The two datasets listed below are identical except for one computed variable: Democracy Level. This variable is created in Chapter 7 in the module on measurement errors.

ESS data - round 4

ESS data - round 3

ESS data - round 2

ESS data - round 1

Country Level Data