Single-round use of weights

Whether and which weights are to be used when analysing means, proportions and cross-tabulations of a single round is discussed in [Ess06b]. Table 4.1 summarises the main recommendations made therein.

Table 4.1. Examples of different types of analyses1
Example: Voter turnout2 Design weight Population weight
a) To examine data from a single country - whether a single variable or a cross-tabulation Voter turnout in Germany X
Voter turnout in Germany by age and gender X
b) To compare results for two or more countries separately - without using totals or averages Compare voter turnout in France, Germany and the UK. X
c) To combine countries - whether on a single variable or via a cross-tabulation i) Voter turnout in Scandinavia. X X
ii) Voter turnout in the EU. X X
iii) Voter turnout across all countries participating in the ESS. X X
iv) Compare voter turnout between EU member states and accession countries. X X
v) Voter turnout by age groups across all ESS participating countries. X X

1 = Table based on [Ess06b]. The 'X'es in the table indicate that the weight should be used.
2 = % of respondents voting in the last election.

Population weights can be viewed as stratification weights, taking countries as strata. Formal definitions of these weights and their distribution in round II are provided in [Ess06a].

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