Nesstar WebView

Nesstar WebView is a web-based system for the dissemination of statistical information and related documentation. Data and metadata can be viewed by end users without the need for specialised software. Within a standard web browser, users are able to browse, analyse, and download data and metadata.

Screen Layout

Nesstar WebView divides the browser window in two frames. The left frame contains a search facility and a hierarchical list (treeview) of datasets. The right frame displays the selected item in the left frame, and is for exploring, analysing and displaying the data and metadata.


There are three tabs above the right frame: Description, Tabulation, and Analysis. The Tabulation and Analysis tabbed sections are only available when a dataset is open.


Certain icons are available depending on the characteristics of the dataset that is currently open. The icons represent:

How to...?

Create a table

More than one variable can be added to a column or row. The variables appear nested in the table. To create a table containing one or more of the variables from the survey dataset (such as a cross-tabulation) you need to do the following:

  1. Click on the Tabulation tab.
  2. Select a variable from the left-hand frame. In order to see the list of variables for a survey, you first need to open the survey by clicking on the icon in front of the study title, and choose Variable Description.
  3. Click on the variable name and select one of the four options from the menu that becomes available (“Add to row”, “Add to column”, “Add to layers” or “Add as measure”).
  4. Repeat this process for any other variables that you would like to add to the table

Subset (select cases)

To perform an analysis on selected cases, for example, only on males, select the "Subset" icon. Click the variable you want to use from the treeview on the left and select “Add to subset”. Highlight the category you want to include in the analysis from the right hand side box and click on "Add", and then on “OK”.

Weight data

To weight your data or analysis, click on the "Weight" icon. Predefined weighting variables are displayed in the box called "Weighting variables defined in the dataset" and can be highlighted and moved to the box called "Weighting variables selected box". Variables that are not pre-defined can be added by clicking on them in the browse tree. Click on Ok to apply the weight(s).

Download a dataset

  1. Select the dataset you wish to download
  2. Click on the Download icon.
  3. Select the required data format from the drop down menu.
  4. Click on Download.

A subset of the dataset can also be downloaded.

Access help

The help-pages can be accessed at any time whilst using Nesstar WebView by clicking on the 'Help' icon found on the icon menu. These pages are context sensitive. If you click on the Help link when performing a tabulation, you are taken to the relevant page within this Help System.

Available datasets

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